1. Live on GQ.com now - My Prize Possession shot by @liamgaws

    When I was in high school my father began to have his shirts made at Ascot Chang, primarily with a button down collar based on one of his early 1960s Brooks Brothers oxfords from college. Those shirts, along with wide wale cords, repp ties and soft tailoring, were part of a uniform that has had a substantial impact on my career path and design approach. I think I stole my first of them the day the initial package arrived at our house. When he passed away 5 years ago, I took the lot and have been bringing them to Sam Wazin to cut them down for
    me as necessary. This one was his favorite and it already had
    character in all the right places by the time I got my hands on it.
    The thing I like about it most, outside of the perfect collar roll, is
    the quietly elegant tonal monogram. We share the same initials, but not the same name. In thinking about my father’s approach to raising me, it’s hard to imagine that this was unintentional. We were undeniably similar, but he always wanted me to be my own man.


  2. Eidos: the true form or soul of something, only its shadow or reflection can been seen by the outside world. colosseo moderno. #eidosnapoli #thisisrome b-roll p.1


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